What facts are these?

What are Facts? Do we even care nowadays?

With social media bombarding us with so called facts every minute of the day, do we even take the time to check that they are facts?

It is a fact that if presented with a ‘fact’ that supports and corroborates what we already know or believe to be the case, we will accept it readily and often without further thought.

If presented with a fact that contradicts what we feel to be true, we will discard it, ignore it or seek to undermine it.

Facts do not care what we feel or think. A fact stands sure of itself. It possesses the kind of self confidence that we can only dream to acquire.

But we need to take great care and caution as there is a lot of information out there and only a minority of it is fact. Usually it is opinion wearing the outer cladding of Fact. It is a ninja warrior of fiction wearing a disguise to penetrate our defences until once in it will run amok. It’s ultimate goal is to reappear at some later date when a person uses it to prove something to someone else and they present it as a fact. It laughs at us then, us foolish human beings who not only accept it falsely at a fact, we then become its accomplice in passing it on to others. We become its Trojan horse to get it further into the minds of others.

Something that fact has that no other piece of information has, and that is evidence. It carries it in it’s knapsack ready to present it to anyone that asks, like the police presenting ID when they knock on the door. Do not accept anything as fact without first asking for its ID. If it tries to bluster and says it left it at home that day, just show it the door.

Although then again, this is no guarantee, because clever crafty false facts often carry forged documents pretending to be evidence.

The overly cautious amongst us are therefore often stranded, believing nothing, because facts and false facts are so hard to tell apart. That is the ultimate danger that false facts present. They undermine real facts, even established truths that we hold ever dear, and make us doubt things we took for granted. They debase the value of knowledge so that it is worth nothing. Education and learning rendered a waste. What is the point of knowing something, if it could possibly be false, or if true, could easily be undermined by other falsehoods.

It is a war that is being waged between truth and lies, between knowledge and ignorance and we are being daily blitzed on social media until we lie in ruins, drinking a cup of tea from an old enamel cup, trying to take refuge but slowly losing hope.

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