Uncompromising – Word of the day

It seems to me that we are prepared to compromise that which should never be compromised but often unwilling to compromise when we should.

After all, living in this world full of people, and animals, each with conflicting purposes and goals, is it not somehow arrogant not to expect to compromise sometimes? This world is full of give and take.

From this point of view the word ‘Uncompromising’ starts to appear quite monstrous. It is full of arrogance and belligerence. It is the swaggering bully that marches up to you at the bar and spills your drink, itching for a fight. The person who elbows you out of the way in order to get to the last discounted turkey before Christmas. It is the nasty, unpleasant person you are obliged to be polite to but secretly cannot stand. The one who always has to get what it wants forcing others to compromise themselves.

Yet, most of us do compromise, we hold the door open to people coming along behind us. We say politely, “no after you” when approaching a doorway at the same time as someone else. Whilst we all hate that person, the queue jumper, who epitomises again that monstrous word ‘Uncompromising’ we often look behind us in the queue to see someone with only two items and allow them to go in front. For most of us, we have embraced compromise, but for those of us who give and take, there are those that take, and take. Give them an Inch and they take the whole yard, to coin an old, but valid phrase.

Pride and Ego often prevent us from compromising, they turn us into the uncompromising monster. It is our pride we must be prepared to surrender, for pride goes before a fall. Although we are reluctant to compromise our pride, and we should, we are sometimes guilty of compromising two things that should never, ever be compromised. Two things that should ALWAYS be uncompromising.

Respect and the Truth.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty – March 2018


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