Meandering through lifes journey.

I am meandering through life.

No sense of direction

No goals as such

Just wandering through and hoping for the best.

How many people truly have their destination in mind?

How many are working towards a known

A place to eventually call home?

I am just trying hard to make my way without stumbling over the many obstacles.

The many hidden branches under the leaves waiting to trip me up.

The many cracks in the pavements waiting to open and pull me in.

Navigating through stormy seas.

Wandering through ancient trees.

Feeling my way without much sense.

No light, no smell, no clues to touch.

The end never in sight.

Too far, too much.

Perhaps, there are more meandering through life than just me.

Perhaps others too are navigating the same seas,

The same trees,

Avoiding the same branches in the leaves.

Perhaps they too fear the cracks, the ground beneath their feet.

While I tread the paths of doubt, others of more certain mind

Stride onwards towards their goals, unblind.

Remember that failure is not just in not achieving our plans,

It is also in failing to enjoy the journey.

The meandering is not just a part of life.

It is life itself.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty – 11/March/2018

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