Music of Life

What is Noise?

At first I thought entirely negatively.

People shouting and screaming, pushing and shoving.

Unpleasant sounds, engendering stress and anxiety.

Crowds, traffic, honking of horns, that sort of thing. 

Then I stopped and thought more deeply.

Noise is neither negative or positive it just is.

It doesn’t care much what we think of it.

It is not just the sounds of people in crowds, or traffic forcing it’s way down a busy road.

It is also the sound of a waterfall, the water crashing over the rocks causing a deafening roar.

It is the sound of a baby giggling, or crying. So precious.

The birds singing from the tree tops. Marking territory or just letting each other know they are there. 

It is the sound of thunder, bringing the rains.

It is one of our senses, and like other senses we have, we often take for granted until we start to lose them. 

Even now, if I’m in a busy room with lots of background chatter I struggle to hear the person talking to me, I find I am becoming more reliant on lip reading than I am in actually hearing their words. Funny thing is, if I’m talking to someone with a beard, I really struggle as I can’t see their lips move very easily.

Noise is precious. It is more than just sound, it is the very music of life. 

Enjoy every note. 


copyright: Kristian Fogarty 14/March/2018

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