Journeys beyond our own Land

I love a holiday. This is what we call a Vacation in the UK. Holiday isn’t specific to Christmas in the UK, we use it to mean any break away from home.

I am known for being quite economical with money. I do not have any dependents, apart from my Pet Chickens, and they aren’t at all costly. I also don’t need the latest gadget or the latest designer clothes. I buy my clothes from standard reliable retailers and then wear them until they fall apart. The one thing I spend my money on is holidays. 

I don’t limit myself to one holiday a year. I have lots of short breaks. Weekends away here, or a week away there. 

I do love travelling around the UK, there are some beautiful parts. I have posted already about the Isle of Wight, that is a particular favourite of mine, but there are also other place I love. For example, Pembrokeshire in Wales is lovely. The Lake District. Devon and Cornwall…Gosh there are so many.

I do not however confine myself to just enjoying my own country. I also love to travel abroad. 

I am not one who travels to Spain or Portugal and then spend the whole time eating British food, drinking British beer and never explore beyond the all you can eat buffet or bar. When I go to Spain or Portugal I want to explore. I want to meet the real people who live there and learn about their history and culture. Try their cuisine, drink their local tipple and immerse myself in something exciting and different for the time I am there.

I have posted about Valletta in Malta. I loved Malta because it has such a different culture. 

I enjoyed visiting Amsterdam (although avoiding some of the more colourful aspects of the city that some may find enjoyable, like the ‘coffeeshops’ that sell an altogether different intoxicant than coffee), I loved walking around this city of canals and tall houses, even though it was January and freezing cold.

I enjoyed visiting Prague and enjoying all it’s cultural highlights, like the Astronomical clock, the castle and the Jewish Cemetery.

I loved Krakow and I devoured the culinary delights of the Pierogi (dumplings stuffed with either mashed potato, minced pork or strawberries) delicious!

The point I am making is that the word foreign means exotic and different and while to some this may be scary and weird, it should be something to be celebrated. What makes us weird, makes us interesting. 

Vive La Difference. 

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 23/March/2018


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