A Swallow on the wing.

The Swallow is a bird that, like many birds, has a fascinating folklore.

In Denmark, apparently, some believe that this bird tried to alleviate Christ’s sufferings on the cross by calling out “Cheer up, Cheer Up.”

In Scotland it was a common belief that the Swallow had the Devil’s blood running through its veins.

In England it was believed to be very good luck if a swallow flew into your house. (I would imagine not so much if you had spent all morning cleaning the floor.)

In France, if one lands on your shoulder, it means death is near.

In Germany if a woman broke its eggs she would become barren.

It was regarded as a weather predictor in many farming areas. If it flies high, this denotes fine weather. If it flies low, the rains are coming.

It is amazing that such a small bird has such a rich and varied folklore.

I just think of it as a beautiful bird. To me, it is always a good omen. Watching it fly free, just lifts up my spirits.

Long may it soar.

PS This picture was one I took in Pembrokeshire, I doubt very much it is actually a swallow, but it was the best picture I could find. 

copyright: Kristian Fogarty 25/March/2018


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