Like mowing the lawn with nail clippers


I thought long and hard about this word prompt.

I think I must be a little whimsical today and not so prone to deep thinking as I hope I normally am, because All I could think of was Stan the Handyman.

Handyman Stan is a quirky fellow, with denim dungarees and a flat cap.

He has a small light brown moustache, rather like the bristles of a broom.

He is the very height of inefficiency, I’m afraid, but somehow we don’t mind because he is such a nice chap. A whistler. He whistles quite nicely while he works.

He uses an artist’s brush to paint our fence and mows the lawn with a pair of nail clippers.

Although he is an inefficient handyman, I rather like him.

He is a figment of my imagination, But I am fond of him all the same.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 26/March/2018

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