More Haste, Less Speed.

Sometimes I like to sit here under my favourite tree.

I like to sit and relax and think about what I have done with my life.

I have spent so much time running about in frantic chaos.

I ponder “What have I achieved?”

I remember my grandmothers favourite saying, ‘More Haste, Less Speed’.

This basically meant that while we go through life aimlessly, frantically with arms flailing about, we achieve nothing. If we take a deep breath, concentrate and move swiftly and surely forward, we achieve a great deal more.

I focus far too much on what I haven’t done with my life.

I am, by nature, a procrastinator. I probably sit for too long under my tree.

The more you focus on your lack, the more depressed you become. The more robbed of impetus you become. This is the path of Lack.

If you focus more on what you have achieved, don’t wallow too much and become smug, but pat yourself on the back a bit. Then think about your next step. Make some plans.

Then get up and get on with it.

Although, I am so comfortable under my tree. Perhaps I’ll stay here a bit longer.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 29/March/2018


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  1. I feel like going to sit under a tree now! “The more you focus on your lack, the more depressed you become.” I have always tried to be grateful for what I have instead of what I don’t. That truly makes a difference in your happiness! Lovely post!

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