Cargo and Gunpowder – A Pirate Tale.

As we sailed the seven seas, as part of a small fleet, we kept our guns at hand and our powder dry. 

You never knew when a Pirate ship would sail into view ready to seize their cargo or make slaves out of the crew. 

There was a degree of safety from travelling together in a fleet, but the Pirates had begun sailing in larger numbers too. They said there was no honour amongst thieves. Honour they may lack but they respected strength and violence, and there was a new Pirate King.

The Dreaded King Blackheart, who’s fame has spread far and wide because of his diabolical cruelty. No honest man had seen him and lived to tell the tale. Other Pirates, like Ned Low and Jolly Jack now pay homage to him as their commander-in-chief and actually sailed at his command. Sometimes in a deadly fleet of their own. 

They were carrying a rich cargo of spices from the Caribbean and Cotton from the Colony in Virginia. They had now passed Bermuda, and one of the most common places where the Pirates ships attacked, despite the regular patrols by the Kings Navy.

He was on look out at the prow when he saw three ships sail over the horizon. One of them sailed the very flag that he dreaded the most. The dancing skeleton carrying the devils trident. It was King Blackheart himself. 

“Pirates coming from the South, three ships.” He called out.

The ship erupted into action, the Captain came up to him and took the telescope from him to check for himself. The colour drained out of the captains face as he stared at the ships that were sailing straight for them. 

“Quick, signal the other ships, they may not have spotted them.” The Captain gave orders.

From the action he could see on the other four ships, he guessed they had seen them all right. 

The Commodore’s ship in the middle sent up signals of their own. They were to continue in close formation and fire at will.

He started loading the gunpowder liberally into one of the ships two cannon.

“Whoah there Shipman, don’t be wasting the gunpowder, you’ll deplete our stores. We’ll likely need to fire on them multiple times.”

“Sorry Captain.”

A sea battle began, the Pirate ships had more guns than they did, but they only had three ships against the five in their convoy.

After they had exchanged fire once, we managed to damage the main mast of one of them and we fired again. This time the Pirates decided to go after smaller fry. They turned and sailed swiftly away to the west. One of our snipers climed down from the rigging, he was bleeding from somewhere and was very agitated.

“I saw him, I saw King Blackheart and I managed to shoot him in the leg. He was wearing a Scarlet coat with gold trim.” He collapsed on the deck with a loud cry. It was obvious that he’d been shot at too. When they laid him out, he cried out again and then died. He’d been shot clean in the heart. 

It seemed like the old story was true, No one sees King Blackheart and lives. 

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 14/April/2018


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