The Wind Sheds No Tears – Part Four

This is part of a longer story I am currently writing and have been posting in sections of around 800 words (this part is a bit longer).

For those of you who have been following the story, I hope you like this latest addition.

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Part Four

He could hear his Aunt Anna-Maria, his Father and his Uncle Carlos talking downstairs.

His Uncle Carlos was saying.

“Look he isn’t a boy any longer, he’s fifteen and he needs to learn a trade. I could take him back to Valencia with me. I need someone I can trust to help me, someone who knows the ways of the sea.”

“Go with you, what do you actually do in the big city eh Carlos? You’ve never really told us have you? I bet it isn’t an honest living.” His Father shouted.

Uncle Carlos returned fire.

“Oh and where has an honest living got you then? Still living in this shack, in the same town? Why do you stay here? It won’t bring her back you know?”

He then heard the door bang as his Father stormed out. He saw him through the window walking up the hill towards his fish shop. He doubted his father’s customers would be getting a friendly service this afternoon.

He heard his Aunt speaking below.

“You should not have said that to him Carlos. You know he has never gotten over losing Christina. Now he has lost his father too, the two people he really loved. You shouldn’t throw it in his face. He is a good man”.

“Is he, Anna-Maria? He has never shown much goodness to me, or his son?”

“Keep your voice down Carlos. You and he always fought like cat and dog growing up. What have you ever done to earn his affection? As for that poor little lad, he has done nothing wrong, but in his Fathers eyes…” His Aunt stopped speaking. She was crying softly.

“I’m sorry Anna, forgive me. I didn’t mean to make you cry. Not you, the last one in the family that talks to me.”

“No, it is about Pablo that I cry. He was only little when he got a fever. It was before Dr. Lopez moved here. You had to pay for the Doctor then and we had no money. Christina nursed Pablo through his illness, only then she got it herself and died. That is why Roberto is like this. He blames the boy and now he sees the boy as taking away his Father too.”

“But Pablo didn’t take the boat out, Father did, you know how reckless he could be sometimes.”

“Yes but Pablo was on board. Roberto now thinks he is bad luck. I hope I can change his mind, because Little Pablo has suffered enough, they both need each other.”

The shock of what he had heard was like a punch in the face. He gathered all his strength. A lump formed in his throat, composed of all the hurt he had kept inside all this time and he swallowed it, like swallowing a melon whole. Now he knew why his father had always been so distant.

He thought to himself “So he was bad luck was he? I have had enough of this. It is time I did something and made something of myself.”

Slowly he went downstairs.

Aunt Anna-Maria was sitting at the kitchen table. Her dark brown eyes still had tears in them. Uncle Carlos stood behind her with his hand on her shoulder. They looked up when they realised he was standing there. His Uncle Carlos looked much like his father and Uncle Miguel but he wore his dark hair slicked back with some kind of oil and also had a thin moustache. His eyes held things back. Most people he knew, you could see their thoughts clearly in their eyes but Uncle Carlos had learned to hide his thoughts. He supposed that was necessary in the big city. He knew the city had more sharks in it that the whole of the ocean. Not the kind that swam, but sharks none the less.

“I want to go with you, Uncle. I don’t want to stay here anymore. You are right; I am fifteen and need to learn a trade. When you leave, I will go with you.”

“Fine, my boy, I am leaving in the morning, come and meet me at the tavern after breakfast.”

Aunt Anna-Maria spoke, her voice cracking from the emotions she was trying to deal with. After all, it was her Father too who had died in the storm.

“Pablo, no wait! I can change your Father’s mind, he doesn’t really want you to go; he needs you. I need you. We need each other.”

“I love you dearly, you have been like a mother to me but I can’t stay here any longer with a Father who doesn’t care for me. I need to be my own man now. I will go with Uncle Carlos in the morning.”

Pablo went back to his room and found some paper, pen and ink to write a letter. He wrote:

“Dearest Margarita,

I am writing this to tell you I am leaving to go to Valencia with my Uncle. I am going to learn his trade and become rich.

My heart is heavy to leave here, not because I will miss my father, I know he will shed no tears for me, but because I am leaving you.

If you feel the same for me, do not be sad. Know that one day I will return for you.

Yours Ever


He took the long walk up to the big white casa and delivered the letter to the large housekeeper. He didn’t want to see Margarita; it would have made leaving too hard.

The housekeeper took the letter and put it in the pocket of her apron. She then folded her strong arms under her large bosom and watched him walk away with a strange look in her eyes.

End of Part Four.

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