Picture of the Day – Rochester Castle

This is a picture of Rochester Castle which is in Kent.

Rochester is usually combined with Strood and Chatham to create one City, but each has its own very different character.

The Town of Rochester has a strong connection to the author Charles Dickens. Dickens was born in Portsmouth but when he was young, his Father worked as a Customs man in nearby Chatham. Dickens spent a good deal of his life in Rochester and it was included in many of his books, including Great Expectations.

Rochester commemorate this important association by having two Dickens festivals every year. A Summer festival and a Winter festival, usually the first weekend in December, which I have been to several times. People dress up in costumes and there are market stalls selling mulled wine, mince pies and all manner of stuff.

Rochester is a great place to visit and is not far from London and on the south side of the river Thames.

Enjoy your Saturday.


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