My Blog is now 2 Months Old!!!


200 Posts
Congratulations on writing 200 posts onΒ Tales from the mind of Kristian!
Gosh, Haven’t I been a busy boy!?!
Today is also my Two Monthiversary!
I have been writing my blog for two months already and I can’t believe it!
In that time I have managed to build up:
1570 Visitors
But most importantly I have read some excellent blogs, and dare I say it, made some nice online friends.
I have also enjoyed myself immensely.
Sharing my stories and poems was something I was very anxious about.
What if no one reads them? What if no one Likes them?
Well thanks to all those who regularly visit and comment, I have had an incredible, confidence building experience.
I wish to say to all of you a really HUGE THANK YOU!!!!

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  1. Happy bloggiversary!! I’m very glad you started blogging, I’ve had many hours of happy reading in the last two months since you started writing. I definitely count you as a valued online friend 😊

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