Sunday’s Lament – A poem for grief.

The news I heard the other day

just shook me to the core

I wish I’d been told another way

just like that time before.


It’s never nice when something ends

but life goes on, I’m told

sometimes loved ones and dear friends

die long before they’re old.


It happened once when I was young

but then I was told a lie

They are not dead they have become

the stars up in the sky. 


That was before and this is now

The shock’s too much to bare

I try to be brave but I don’t know how

to hide this deep despair.


Today I stand here cold and numb

I’m shaken to the core.

But I believe, the day will come, 

we’ll be together, ever more.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 13/May/2018


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