Picture of the Day – My Allotment.

Today I would like to share with you all a picture of my allotment.

It may not be much, but I am pleased with it.

This plot is actually a half size plot, which is the length of a tennis court but half it’s width.

Back in October 2016 when we took over the site, it was a bit different.

Most of the site, except for one small patch near the shed and another patch at the far end was covered in Couch grass, nettles, brambles and various other plants of the weed variety. It also had a very large heap of rubbish piled up in the middle of it, and the shed was falling to pieces.

By taking a section at a time we have gradually reduced the weeds and last year we managed to grow Runner beans, Courgettes (Zuchini), Japanese Onions, Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes) and had some blackcurrants and redcurrants.

This year we are expanding and in addition to those crops we are also growing, Garlic and Elephant Garlic (Massive but milder than usual garlic), Red Onions, Sweetcorn, Potatoes, Gooseberry’s, Rhubarb, Sugar snap peas and Saffron Crocus.

I’ll tell you if it was successful later in the year.

Fingers crossed.

All the best.


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6 thoughts on “Picture of the Day – My Allotment.”

  1. I love gardening too. We grows snake beans, spinach and passion fruit on our roof because we don’t have enough space around our house.

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  2. That looks and sounds fabulous! I’m not growing anything this year apart from 2 tomato plants in tubs because of moving but I’m already missing the joy of growing my own. I adore stuffed marrow. For some reason I saw thus and thought of it! Random huh?!

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    1. Last year I made the mistake of growing three Courgette plants, and we were inundated with them. I couldn’t harvest them quick enough, they were growing about a centimetre a day. Many of them ended up as marrows and I made stuffed marrows. They were delicious! This year I am only growing two courgette plants. I hope your move goes smoothly and you get growing soon. 🙂

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