Write with Roy & Dee Kay #2: The Leap towards Me !!!

I took part in another collaborative poem created by Floating Thought. They are always amazing and the result is truly magical. The fact that different parts were written by different people yet they all work together is brilliant. I hope you like this. 🙂

The Floating Thoughts

Dear Reader,

We are back with the second installment of Multicollaboration of a poem with the WordPress bloggers.

This poem highlights the internal dual of oneself in taking the leap of faith. Will the person jump over the fear of failures to discover his true self?

Read now to find out.

The poets have been mentioned with their verses and their blog links.

Find time to visit them in order to read beautiful poetry.

PS: Roy & Dee Kay feel humbled and touched by the love and participation shown by all the poets and invite others to join them to spread the creativity across the globe.

…Standing at the edge of the cliff
I felt the calm breeze
that caressed my face
that wished to fill me in with a new breath
that pushed me to take a leap of faith
Towards a new life
Towards a new belief…

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