WORD PROMPT – Pilot Exercise

Due to the sad demise of the Daily post word prompt, I have suggested that I do a Word Prompt a couple of times a week. 

Dee Kelly at Thriving not Surviving has also said she will start posting Word Prompts

See link below:


We will never have the same scope and outreach as the Daily Post but we can only do our best.

If you share our posts around to reach a wider audience, it may just work.





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People are far too complicated to be able to describe in a few words so I am not even going to try.

18 thoughts on “WORD PROMPT – Pilot Exercise”

    1. No I don’t see that is the case if people choose from an archive of prompts they will be doing different quotes simultaneously not the same one simultaneously. It really won’t be the same at all.


    2. The idea is to use the same date (but in 2016 instead of 2018) i.e. the same daily prompt word (on the same day). e.g. On 1 June 2018 use prompt for 1 June 2016.

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    3. I am all for recycling, but that kind of recycling just doesn’t feel right to me. It feels like wearing old clothes somehow. I prefer the idea of several bloggers taking it in turns to post a newly generated word every day and having a group taking part. To each their own though.


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