Word Prompt – Dreams like Satin (A Villanelle style poem)

I sit beneath the trees of green

the cool dark shade beneath the leaves

and think of all that I have seen.


The blissful joy of loves new dream

Like a magic spell the heart weaves

I sit beneath the trees of green.


I ponder what life could have been

before lying satin tongue’s deceive

I think of all that I have seen.


The tears have washed my body clean

but still a while my heart grieves.

I sit beneath the trees of green.


Could I have known the unforeseen?

the heart denies what eyes perceive

I think of all that I have seen.


Asleep I slide on satin dreams

what lies the heart and mind believes

as I sit beneath the trees of green

and think of all my eyes have seen.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 02/June/2018


Picture by Pexels.


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13 thoughts on “Word Prompt – Dreams like Satin (A Villanelle style poem)”

    1. That’s the only time I tackled one of these as well. I dislike forms intensely, but have recently started doing seventeen syllable free verse, which I;m enjoying very much.

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  1. Love your poem Kristian and thank you for taking on the Daily Word Prompts with the others.
    I just submitted mine using the link back to you but it doesn’t appear to show on your site with the others. Am i missing something? I’d appreciate your help as I love doing the daily prompts. Thanks

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    1. Glad you liked my poem. I am not very good at the technical side. If you copy the link to the page into your post, it should create a pingback…I just clicked on your site and it said the authors had deleted it??? Maybe contact WordPress?


    2. I chatted with WP and they have corrected the problem from this point forward. They said I should ask you to change the pingback on your site to show my post as coming from poetryforhealing.com. Is that possible? Sorry 😐

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    3. Oh that’s ok. Thanks anyway. It’s fixed now so future ones that I submit to word prompt will be ok. If anyone is interested in reading the last two they’ll be able to sooner or later! You’re a star! Sorry for any inconvenience

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