Three Things Challenge, 04 June 2018 – Humble Pie – A poem

This is a Three Things Challenge as set by the haunted wordsmith, see link below:

Here are the three words for 04 June 2018: Prince, bell, downtown

This is my attempt:


When I was very young, much younger than today

I used to wish I was a Prince more than I could say.

I could believe that my Mother was a Queen

She was more beautiful than anyone I’d seen.

Refined and elegant and lovely too.

My father though could never be a King, He used to snore, and sometimes swore, that would never do.

Maybe she’d married a commoner? That made sense, I thought,

In which case, I was only half a prince or something of that sort.

Of course these high and mighty ways didn’t last for long,

My mother in her wisdom sent me downtown to meet the throng.

I went to school and learned to mix with people my own age

It helped a lot and taught me skills vital at that stage.

To call us all to class they used to ring a bell.

If anyone came in too late they sent us down to hell.

That is what we used to call,

the headmaster room beneath the school.

Now that was long ago, I’ve learned my lesson since.

No matter who our parents are, you mustn’t act the Prince.


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 04/June/2018



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    1. I know some people used to save up the ones from the daily post then do a story or poem with all of them in, but that seemed quite a hard challenge to me. Glad you are connected, I look forward to reading your post 😉


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