A home made prom dress – A short story

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Samantha was getting ready for the Prom. She had been so excited and quite surprised when Donnie, the heart-throb who all the girls liked, had asked her to go to the prom with him. Her, with her glasses and frizzy brown hair with her nose always in a book. He had told her he liked her too. She had spent the last couple of weeks walking and living on air. 

She’d eaten so little that the prom dress her mum was making for her had to be taken in twice. 

They didn’t have a lot of money and so buying a prom dress had been out of the question. Luckily her mother was an absolutely brilliant seamstress and had made a lot of her and her brothers clothes growing up. 

At every sitting her Mum had made her close her eyes, she didn’t want her to see the dress until it was finished, but she could feel the material, it was soft and satiny and had caught a glimpse of the colour. It was a sophisticated oyster grey. 

The last two weeks had been heavenly. Donnie had come to find her at every break and walked her home after school. He’d even come round for dinner one evening. That’s when he’d found out she was a vegetarian. She’d been prepared for him to go off her. There weren’t that many vegetarian’s at her school and most of them were the nerdy kids, not the cool ones like Donnie. He hadn’t said anything about it, in fact he asked her more about vegetarianism and she’d showed him one of her books about it, “Eating Meat, the Poison within our bodies.” He borrowed the book and seemed really interested. 

Yesterday they’d gone for a walk at lunchtime right over the far side of the oval and he’d carved their names in a tree. It was so corny and they laughed about it, but it made her heart beat faster all the same. They’d had to run back to class and made it after the bell. The exhilaration meant that she didn’t mind having to stay back after class in punishment. Donnie was still waiting for her to walk her home. She didn’t walk home, she glided on a cushion of pure elation. 

It was time to get ready for the Prom. Donnie was coming to pick her up in just over an hour.

She had a long soak in the bath tub, with lots of lovely smelling bath salts and bubbles in it. While she was in there, she heard her mum coming along the landing with something wrapped in tissue paper, “Her dress” she thought.

Her mum came into the bath room and helped her straighten her frizzy hair then with her deft seamstresses hands twirled her hair into an elegant hairstyle and fixed it into place with small pins that had little crystals set in them. 

“There you go, Sam. You look lovely. I remember my first Prom, your Father took me.”

A sad look passed across her Mum eyes, Father had died nearly ten years ago and her Mum had brought her and her brother up pretty much on her own. Gramps and Granny had helped a bit. 

“Can this really be my lovely daughter, all glasses and freckles?”

“Oh Mum!” She could always embarrass her in just a few words. At least she hadn’t said that in front of Donnie.

“I’ve laid out your dress on your bed. Go put it on. I think I heard the door bell go. Don’t be too quick, it’s important to make them wait a bit.” Her mum said, winking at her slyly.

When she saw the dress, it took her breath away. It was the most beautiful and elegant dress she had ever seen. The oyster grey fabric had been carefully crafted into a floor length gown that seemed to combine traditional glamour with a modern flair. She pulled it on and looked in the mirror. She was wearing contact lenses and had a light foundation on her skin with just a hint of eye make up. She had never worn make-up much, except when dressing up as a kid. Without the glasses her eyes shone a deep blue. She smiled at her reflection, she had never been vain and never really cared much about her appearance, but at that moment she realised something that had never occurred to her before. She was actually quite pretty. A feeling of self-love and confidence washed over her and took all the nerves and anxiety away. 

She counted to ten and then opened the door of her room and walked calmly to the top of the stairs. She saw Donnie standing there in a smart suit. His hair had been slicked back and he looked handsome as always, but neater.

If her confidence had needed even more of a boost, seeing his face when he caught sight of her would have sent it shooting through the roof. He gawped at her and stared, an intense look in his eyes, as she slowly descended the stairs to him. He even had a small tear in his eye and he said the only thing he could find to say.

“Sam, you look so elegant.”

After they’d gone. Sam’s mother walked back up stairs. She went to her wardrobe and opened the bag containing the small pieces of left over grey material. They’d come from an old suit.

The tears came into her eyes as she looked at the silver framed photograph on her dressing table.

It was a photograph of her when she was going to her first prom. The dress was pink and frilly. With his arms around her was the smiling figure of her husband Jack. He was wearing a suit of oyster grey. 

She spoke to him, as if he was there.

“You wanted so much to be here to see our daughter on her first Prom.” She could barely speak though the tears. “This is the closest way I could do it. You are part of her big day after all.”

The End. 

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 09/June/2018


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