Three Things Challenge, 10th June 2018

This is a Three Things Challenge as set by the haunted wordsmith, see link below:

Here are the three words for 10 June 2018: boy, hobbit, romance


Here is my attempt:


Every Christmas it was the same routine. She always got up first and started the breakfast. Then for the only time in the whole year her two kids would get up without her having to yell up the stairs at them. 

Jennifer and Jonathan, or Jenn and Jojo as they want to be called at the moment, would still play fight as they tried to be the first ones to get to the presents under the tree. 

“Wait, you have to wait until after Christmas dinner to open your presents. Grandma’s coming and your Auntie Jocelyn and Uncle Peter. They’re bringing your cousins Eric and Abigail too. I want you to all open your presents at the same time.”

They protested and moaned, but they knew she’d stand firm. 

“You can open your presents from Auntie Mabel if you like.”

Mabel was her Aunt. Her last living relative from her fathers side of the family. She was an old dear but very old fashioned. Every year she’d buy a book each for Jojo and Jenn. She bought books about romance for Jenn, which she loathed and books about wizards and adventures for Jojo, which he wasn’t all that keen on. 

Jojo was a sensitive boy and never really liked adventure books. Mabel had bought him books about hunting and making camps in the woods. She obviously hadn’t heard him scream the house down when he’d found a Spider in his bedroom! 

Jenn on the other hand was not romantic in the least. She was much more interested in climbing trees and catching tad poles in jars. She still had a terrarium upstairs in her room with the last of the toads she was keeping as a pet. It was called Mr Ribbit. 

As her children ripped the colourful wrappings off the presents she wasn’t surprised to hear their mutual groans.

“She’s bought me a copy of The Hobbit!” Cried Jojo.

“She’s bought me another romance novel!” Said Jenn.

They held them out to her in protest and the thought just suddenly came to her. She took the presents then handed Jojo’s to Jenn and vice versa.

Problem solved. 

“Now to get on with that breakfast” She thought.

The End.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 10/June/2018

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  1. Ha ha ha …good one. Relatives never seemed to know what I liked growing up. One year I had an aunt come over for Christmas and bring a box of outdated crackers.

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