Successors to the DAILY POST – A Wealth of Inspiration.

Since the demise of the daily post there has been an explosion of creativity.

Lots of people are doing their own daily word prompts to help inspire us all.

I wanted to highlight a few of them that are out there.

I don’t see competition, I just see more creative inspiration.

What each of us lack is the scope and outreach of the original daily post, but if we collaborate and link to each other, we spread the word and increase the number of people out there who can there view each others work.

  1. Of course I will have to start with the Collaborative word prompt that I am doing with my fellows, Dee Kelly at Thriving not Surviving, Calmkate at Aroused and Cyranny’s Cove. Collaboratively we cover a wider audience than each of us would alone.  See the link below for more information and inspiration.

2) My pal Debbie Whittam, does these wonderful 50- word thursday prompts where she gives you a Picture and a phrase and you have to incorporate it into a short story, poem or anecdote. See link for more info:

3) Another pal, The Haunted Wordsmith hosts a Three Things Challenge on a Daily basis, where she gives you three things to incorporate into a poem or story. They are great fun.

Here is a link to show you all about them:

4) At the same time as Dee and I began our Collaboration another blogger who I follow, Novus Lectio,

began their own new blog ‘Swimmers’ which also does daily prompts and hopes to also do some of the Community pool stuff as well.

See here for link:

5) A fellow blogger, Sheryl is going to start her own Daily Post site from today.

6) I discovered another blogger who is hosting a Daily Post, yesterday, called Ragtag.

By some strange coincidence, the word prompt they chose was the same very peculiar word that Cyranny’s cove chose to post – LIMERENCE.

Now coincidences do happen, but that one seems very strange to me….

Anyway, here is a link to that site too.

7. Also my pal Laura, hosts a meet and greet post regularly for people to highlight their blogs. She has lots of followers, so it is quite useful. Here is a link. She deletes them after 24 hours though.

Meet & Greet

8. I nearly forgot to mention that over at the Go Dog Go Cafe, they do wonderful promote yourself mondays and pay it forward thursdays. See link:

Promote Yourself Monday- June 11, 2018

9. And my pals at the Floating Thoughts also do great collaborative poems on a regular basis that are really great fun. Please check out this link:

INVITATION #3: Write with Roy & Dee Kay !!!

OK so that is all the Word Prompt’s and Daily post successors that I am currently aware of. If you want to make people aware of them please share this post.

Also if you are hosting something yourself or know of a similar post, please let me know in the comments.

Now for the important bit:






Thank you.



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13 thoughts on “Successors to the DAILY POST – A Wealth of Inspiration.”

  1. Thank you, Kristian. I believe I did tell you about the our group (convened by Curious Steph) setting up an alternative word prompt in the wake of the demise of the WordPress Daily Prompt. However, we may have not have chosen the Ragtag badge then. But yep, we are here, and people are welcome to join us and play along if they need further inspiration. And the coincidence of your group using limerence was just as strange to us, as it was to you. Thank you for letting your readers now about us. Kind regards. Tracy.

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