Picture of the Day – The View from Scarborough Castle.

On my recent trip to North Yorkshire we stopped in to visit Scarborough Castle.

No, I wasn’t visiting some noble friends, Scarborough Castle is a picturesque ruin no longer inhabited.

The views from the castle are pretty lovely. Scarborough castle is on a headland that sticks out to sea and have a bay either side of it. The town sprawls on either side too.

The headland was such a good defensive spot that it was used as a fort in Iron Age times, then there are remains of a Roman fort and temple, before they even built the castle that stands there today.

It was a lovely sunny day when we were there, but you can just see the mist rising from the sea (the locals call it ‘fret’) in this picture.

I hope you like this picture.


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    1. It was a really lovely spot. It had a rough beach one side and a sandy beach the other. Not that the North Sea is often warm enough for swimming in though. And I LOVE castles, so I was in my element. πŸ™‚


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