Favourite Flags of the World – Just a bit of fun.

This is a list of my favourite flags, this is just my opinion based on the colours and design of the actual flag and not a reflection of my views of the actual country, region or people they represent.

I regard flags as a form of art, in its simplest form.

  1. United KingdomFlag of United Kingdom
  2. Iceland Flag of Iceland
  3. Dominican Republic Flag of Dominican Republic
  4. Australia Flag of Australia
  5. Lebanon Flag of Lebanon
  6. Bhutan   Flag of Bhutan
  7. Moldova Flag of Moldova
  8. Uruguay Flag of Uruguay
  9. New Zealand Flag of New Zealand
  10. The Isle of Man

Image result for flags of the Isle of Man

Well, the Isle of Man is part of the UK, but the flag is pretty great don’t you think?

I hope you have not been offended if I haven’t chosen your nations flag, it is purely my opinion and based on aesthetics or quirkiness alone.

Is there a flag of a region or country that you like, that isn’t your own? Let me know in the comments.

I have updated this post because FLAG is the Ragtag Daily Prompt word of the day.


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  1. Isle on man is cool, it reminds me a bit of the flags the different neighborhoods of Sienna have to represent in their horse races (? That’s a fun fact I learned when I was around 6 years old so it might not be accurate)

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