My Fantasy Story – Part 9

This is the next instalment of the fantasy story I wrote many years ago.

I still haven’t got a title for it, so if you can think of a good one, let me know in the comments. 🙂
If you would like to read it from the start, this is the first part:

Part Nine

Lara looked at Mage Caraffi and asked “What happened Augustus?”

The Mage replied in sombre tones “That daft old fool was casting a death spell. He must have been a very powerful Wizard to even know the complex incantations required for that spell. Had he succeeded in finishing his chanting, I expect one of us would be dead now. Luckily, as a Mage I was able to bypass his incantations and the smoking potions and draw directly on the energy he was conjuring. I used his own black cloud against him. He is no more, gone, vanquished.”

David suddenly ran to the roadside and was violently sick. Bethra and Lara both went over to check on him. 

“David, what is the matter?” Lara asked. David looked up at her. He appeared to be very pale and he was shaking uncontrollably. 

“Lara, I felt it! I felt the energy gathering and I felt Mage Caraffi turn it to his own ends. At last I can feel the magic around me. I can’t believe it, not really. All my life I have wanted to be able to feel the magic. They tested me and said I might be able to one day, with practise, but I tried so hard every day and nothing happened. I can feel the power now.”

“I don’t understand, David, why should that make you sick?” Lara enquired.

It was the Mage who answered though. “When one first experiences the energy flowing through one’s body, it can have an extraordinary effect. Myself, I fell unconscious for three days when I first felt the energy flowing within me.”

“Well that’s excellent. Now David, we can learn together.” Lara said enthusiastically.

They returned to the coach and soon it was speeding rapidly towards the distant city of Savarias, the strange incident with the murderous old Wizard seemingly forgotten. 

Mage Caraffi however had not forgotten. He was deep in thought. Who could have sent him and who would his intended victim have been?



In a small dark chamber, somewhere deep in the basement underneath the governor’s palace in Argor, a meeting was taking place.

“The High Sorcerer himself told us to seek you out. He told us you were a faithful and reliable servant of our cause. Loyal and highly capable, we were told, and yet when we arrived we found out she has gone. You were supposed to keep a watchful eye on her and instead you have let her slip though your fingers and you do not know where she is. The Great One will not like this, no not at all” the quiet sibilant voice was threatening. Two other men nodded their heads in agreement, but it was difficult to see them, shrouded in dark robes as they were and with the only light coming from one dim candle.

The one remaining man spoke and his voice was like the sound of course sandpaper or the creak of rotting leather. He said “I am the one in charge here. The High Sorcerer appointed me to operate here in our interests. You were sent here against my wishes, but you were sent to serve me not to question me. I outrank you and you will obey me.”

The first man spoke again in a sinister hiss with a sharp tone.

“When I tell the Great One of your failure in the matter of the girl, you will be removed and I will be in charge here. With any luck I will be given the charge to punish you. I will enjoy hearing your screams.”

“Then you had better not be able to tell him, then” replied the rasp voiced man ominously. Energy was suddenly jerked towards the man out of the other three in the room. “You pathetic fools. You think after the many years I have worked here, forwarding our interests I would let you come along and take control. You shall not supplant me or question me. Any of you. The Power is Mine.” With those words a thick bar of blackness, blacker than the pit of hell shot from his outpointed figures and the would be usurper was encased and enveloped in shadow. Further energy then flowed down this umbilical black cord pulsing along it and back into the man who claimed to lead. With each flow the other man became paler and thinner until finally he collapsed to the ground an empty, drained skeletal husk.

The other two figures also collapsed exhausted to the ground, but they were only partially drained of their energy.

The figure spoke once again “I was the one placed in charge and I have many more years of experience than you two. That is why you still live. Remember that I shall rule here. 

They prostrated themselves on the dirty stone floor. “Yes Master” They intoned.

“Now go, we shall meet here again in three nights time. I should have news by then.”

End of Part Nine.


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