The Ultimate Hoax – A short tale



Tooth Fairy

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The Ultimate Hoax

Jimmy Parker loved to play jokes on people. He was widely renown for his pranks.

Even growing up he was always the same.

When his little sister had lost one of her baby teeth he couldn’t resist a practical joke.

Their Mum had said “Put your tooth under your pillow tonight and if you’re good the tooth fairy will come and leave you some money for it”.

Well Jimmy waited until after he heard his Mum sneak into his sister’s room and then go back to bed then he quietly crept into Josie’s room too.

Sneaking his hand under the pillow he removed the coins that his Mum had left her and replaced it with a note he had written.

It said. “I am the Fairy Pirate and I have captured your Tooth Fairy and am holding her for ransom. If you ever want to see her alive again,ย  you must leave the key to your money-box under your pillow or else she’ll die.”

The next morning, his sister’s cries could be heard three blocks away.

It had only meant to be a joke. His parents made him wash the car and they gave his sister his pocket-money for the following month.

Then when it was his birthday party he’d swapped his birthday cake for one he’d made out of dog food, covered in Marzipan and white Icing. It was only when people started to eat it did they discover what he’d done. The fact he was rolling around the floor laughing probably gave the game away too.ย 

He’d been punished for that too, even though it was his birthday, he’d been forced to give back all his presents.ย 

The ultimate hoax took place on a family holiday to Florida.ย 

He’d only just watched the film, Jaws, and it must have given him some ideas.

He rigged up a contraption that looked like a shark‘s fin and using some elastic attached it to his back. Then wearing his mask, snorkel and flippers he dived into the water, just out of sight of the main beach where not just his family but lots of families were gathered, a stellar cast of victims.

As Jimmy swam along underwater with just the fin poking out, he could hear the panic and screams as people ran out of the water and up the beach.ย 

He stood up in the water and laughed as everyone pointed at him.ย 

Only they weren’t pointing at him at all, but at the shark behind him.

That was Jimmy’s ultimate hoax. He never played another one.

Poor thing.ย 

The End (or in French, FIN)ย 


Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 18/June/2018



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  1. Poor Jimmy. That was a great story and it reminded me of something. There was a guy at one of my jobs who used to steal sandwiches from the lunch room refrigerator and a few of us decided to make a dog food sandwich to see if he would take it and we all laughed so hard when we saw him eating it.

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    1. Thank you. That’s really good! I love it! My friend was getting annoyed where she works because people would steal her milk for tea or coffee. So she wrote on the bottle “I’ve spat in this”. Someone else wrote underneath it “So have I” ! In the end she bought a bottle with a padlock on it!

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