Truly Inspired Seeks Blogger’s Inspiration!

Hi everyone.
That fantastic Guy Called Bloke is seeing bloggers to take part in his Truly Inspiring interview feature. I did and I’d do it again too. Have a look and think about it. 🙂

A Guy Called Bloke


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Would you like to be Interviewed for Truly Inspired Series 2?

All the bloggers below have so far enjoyed the experience of being able to express to the readerships and followers alike why they not only started, but more importantly what keeps them going.

It’s a simple process and doesn’t take that long … so what are you waiting for?

Why do you keep blogging? What inspires you to do so every time to sit poised ready to make a new post?  Let us know.

Series 2 Questionnaire

Drop me an email here

Thanks – Rory

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