Picture of the day – My garden

This is a picture of my garden taken two years ago.

I will post up a more up to date photo as soon as I download my camera.

This picture also doesn’t have any chickens in it.

That is highly unusual because my hens seem to love the limelight.

As soon as the camera comes out, they (the hens) are posing more brazenly than a second rate celebrity on the make.

They also like to stare into the lens with an intensity that is quite unnerving.

I wonder sometimes if they know what I’m doing. They almost seem to be saying

“Ok Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my close-up”.

So Hen pictures coming up and more garden pictures…..

Hope you like this one.Β  (I can’t seem to be able to upload more than one photo per post….If you know how I can achieve that, please let me know).




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13 thoughts on “Picture of the day – My garden”

  1. Good morning !! Wonderful to have a garden!!!

    About your photos i will try to help you and i wish i will manage it

    Go to the platform inside your blog

    You write your post

    Up there is a button “ADD”

    You will choose “MEDIA”

    When your photo from your camera are already somewhere in your pc … in a folder .. or anywhere you save them … select one by one all you want to be on your post

    When you see all of them on your screen you select button continue that appears..

    Then will be another selection for layout…

    Select anything you want .. i prefer Tiled mosaic

    I hope that you will manage it and i will see the hens in your garden!!!!!!!

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