More Afternoon Reading for You – My Fantasy Story Part 12

This is the next instalment of the fantasy story I wrote many years ago. 

I still haven’t got a title for it, so if you can think of a good one, let me know in the comments. 🙂 
If you would like to read it from the start, this is the first part:

Part Twelve

Augustus Caraffi slept badly. He could feel that events were speeding to some kind of climax. He could sense it in every fibre of his being. What concerned him was that he couldn’t tell if this climax was going to be a blessing or a catastrophe. He suspected that an unseen hand was at work trying to force events. That Wizard they had encountered, whom was he serving? Who was he trying to kill? The old Wizard being on the road at the right moment to catch them was no coincidence. Not many Wizards had the knowledge or skill to cast a death spell. He had spent some years extensively studying the practices of Wizards and Witches but even knowing their ways, he could not see how they figured into the equation.

On top of this worry he had received some troubling news from Argor. The Notorious Purple Mages had come to Argor posing as some kind of Embassy.

Many centuries ago the Red Mages and the Purple Mages were at war. It was a long and bitter war which threatened to destroy civilisation completely. The Purple Mages were finally thrown back and they retreated across the great dividing range of mountains to their stronghold far to the South west. It had taken a grand alliance of Red Mages and the Green Mages and Woodland Elves that lived to the South east that defeated the evil Purple Mages. This was many, many centuries ago and it had been forgotten by most, but Mages have much longer memories than ordinary folk and they bear grudges. If Purple Mages had come to Argor it was for no good reason.

The High Mage Angstrom had been brief in his letter. Angstrom didn’t fully trust him, he knew that, perhaps if he did he would have provided some more details. Augustus had also written a letter to the High Mage telling him about the events on the journey so far. He would send it back with the Coach Driver. Couriers took longer than carrier pigeons, but pigeons could be shot down and their letters read. He’d also put about the encounter with the Wizard in his letter, how the Old Goat will react to that little revelation only time will tell. 


David had trouble sleeping. The bed was far more comfortable that he was used to, despite having to share it, but he was too excited to rest easy. Finally, after all the years of trying and failing, he could now sense the energies around him. The forces of nature that Mages could tap into to bring about their desires or accomplish the most amazing feats. This has always been a constant fascination to him. Always he had concentrated so hard to try to sense the energies but he had never succeeded. Mage Caraffi, and others, had told him that they could sense the ability in him but they couldn’t make him feel the magical forces. He had practised and practised the mental exercises until his head had ached. The exercises had entailed a Mage, usually Caraffi, embracing their energy and him concentrating and trying to sense it. It had been like trying to find a needle in a haystack when he had no idea of what a needle looked like and was blindfolded too. Today was a glorious day, he had finally sensed the energy and all it really needed was for him to relax and not try so hard. He had felt that energy released from Mage Caraffi pull down the forces created by the stupid Wizard and he felt them destroy him too. Now the world was a complex tapestry of different energies all woven together and pulsating. Hundreds of different kinds, some strong and some weaker, and he could feel them all. He could feel a warm energy within himself, it reminded him of a fire, contained in a hearth. He could sense the energy from the Mage sleeping beside him. It felt colder somehow and alien to him. He could sense a dark energy all around him and this too felt cold, like a midnight sky, but also stable and comforting. There were more kinds of energy some as sharp as blades and other pulsating and twinkling like stars. As he relaxed and tried to sleep another energy seemed to be lurking behind his eyes, just out of sight like a shadow. Slowly he drifted off to sleep only to dream of his childhood again. He had been born in the Palace of Argor, his Mother was a scullery maid who scrubbed the steps and cleaned the ovens in the kitchens. His father had apparently been a soldier in the army who had been killed in a bar brawl before he could marry his Mother and give him a proper name. At least that is what his Mother told him. Because of his heritage, growing up he’d been called ‘David the Bastard’ by all the other children growing up in the castle. One day he had been running away from the other children who were taunting him and calling names when he ran under a table in a large room. It had belonged to one of the Mages at the college. This Mage told him he had the ability to become a Mage and enrolled him at the college. He was only twelve but instead of ‘David the Bastard’ he became ‘David the Apprentice’ and started to put his old life behind him as people forgot about his unfortunate beginnings. Now he could feel the energies, he can become a proper Mage and people will have to respect him. 

End of Part Twelve.

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