Some Pictures of Greenwich – London


Greenwich in London doesn’t feel like London. It feels like you are in a green leafy town outside of London, and yet it is very much surrounded by London. An Oasis.

It is the site of Greenwich Observatory and the home of Greenwich Mean Time. You can see the main time line laid out across the courtyard and people stand astride it, each half of their bodies technically in different time zones.

In reality of course the Whole of the UK is currently in GMT +1 hr or British Summer Time.

Greenwich is also home to the Naval College that was founded by King Charles the Second, the Greenwich Maritime Museum, the Queens House (a former royal residence originally used by the wife of the King to get away from court) and also a beautiful green park that is perfect for picnics.

If you are in London and you have a few hours, I’d recommend catching the Boat bus from Westminster bridge or The Tower of London down to Greenwich, takes about 30 minutes.

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