More Afternoon Reading for You – My Fantasy Story Part 13

This is the next instalment of the fantasy story I wrote many years ago. 

I still haven’t got a title for it, so if you can think of a good one, let me know in the comments. 🙂 

If you would like to read it from the start, this is the first part:


The following day they put Lara’s plan into practice. Piotr was dressed up in Mage Caraffi’s robes and Augustus was put in Piotr Drake’s clothes. They each fitted each others clothes remarkably well.

“How fortuitous, it’s serendipity” Said Bethra, who loved using words that she thought people didn’t know the meaning of. She loved trying to appear smart and clever.

Lara continued to fuss over them both until they looked perfectly convincing. The only thing that worried her was that Colonel Merka might want to see them again before they left. He’d had the opportunity to have a good look at both Caraffi and Piotr and might just notice the switch. As it happened, fate was on their side. Shortly after dawn had broken there came a knock at the door.

“Enter” cried Lara in her most autocratic voice.

A soldier marched into the room; he was tall, slim and clean-shaven. Definitely nothing like the portly Colonel Franz Merka.

“My Name is Captain Chiswick, my Lady. I bear good tidings from the Governor, Colonel Merka who sends his apologies that he cannot see you this morning to wish you fair travel. He wished you good speed with your journey providing you comply with his terms. I am here to ensure your Mage leaves in the opposite direction. I will arrange an escort for him back to the border of Argor.”

“I always keep my word, Captain. My Mage is here, ready to return to Argor and I am ready to proceed with the rest of my entourage to Albana.”

“Excellent I will personally see you safely through the streets of our city to the Albana gate.”

Within the hour, after a very quick breakfast, Lara, Bethra, David and a well disguised Mage Caraffi passed out through the Albana gate on four of Colonel Merka’s best horses and bid the fair City of Savarias a rather relieved adieu. 

End of Part Thirteen

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