More Garden Pictures – Late Spring

I have just learnt how to post multiple pictures in one Post and so here are a few more pictures taken of my garden. These ones were taken in April in the very late spring we had. Normally spring gradually builds up at the end of February and by mid March has properly arrived however this year we actually got two bouts of snow (very rare) in early and late March so that Spring didn’t really get going until April and then it was quite cold. I miss it now. We have had two weeks of day temperatures up to the high 20’s Centigrade and we haven’t had any rain for 5 weeks. I look back on April with fond memories.


This was my Broom in full flower. It looks like one of my hens, Angelica, has photobombed this one 😉 IMG_0843

This is one of my favourite garden plants. It used to be called Dicentra but they changed it’s botanic name, I call it bleeding hearts because of its really unusual flowers.


My Rosemary in full bloom provided early nectar for the bees.


My Magnolia is full swing. Every year it takes my breath away.


These tiny little daffodils are called Martinet and they are scented too. I love daffodils.

I hope you like these pictures.


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9 thoughts on “More Garden Pictures – Late Spring”

  1. I really think your garden is beautiful. One tree my mother had that I loved was a ceanothus- like bluebells it’s a gorgeous shade of blue. I’ve never seen either here and I miss both

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    1. Bluebells are pretty much only found in the UK, they are sometimes found in other places in europe but the UK has about 60% of the world population of bluebells. Ceanothus is also called California Lilac (although it isn’t lilac) and I’ve got one. I will try to find a picture of it. You should get them in the states, because they are from California and the West coast of america originally. 🙂

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    2. I shall keep looking! Maybe they just don’t grow here because of our ferocious winters.. I’ll look in NC! They ‘think’ they have bluebells here but they’re nothing like – more like a scraggy harebell if anything and not the right shade of blue at all. I miss English poppies too.

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