An Unexpected Exposure – A short Story

An Unexpected Exposure

“I know we’ve only known each other a few weeks” Mel said, pausing because of the emotion rising up in him.

Opposite him was Alice, smiling at him and sipping at her strawberry milkshake. Since he first set eyes on her, he struggled to contain the emotions that she made him feel. She was stunningly beautiful with long wavy brown hair that cascaded down her back. Her large brown eyes seemed to pull him in and her smile was radiant. They had met at college and he’d asked her out. He’d taken her to the cinema, but somehow, they hadn’t seen much of the film at all. Now they were sitting in a Diner, he nervously stirred his half-drunk coffee while she sucked on her straw. He was just plucking up the courage to continue when the waitress came over.

“Do you want a top up Love?” She asked brandishing a pot of stale smelling coffee.

“No thanks” Mel replied and waited for her to walk away.

“As I was saying, I know we haven’t known each other for long, but I really like you.” Mel blurted out.

Alice stopped slurping her drink and smiled again. “I really like you too, Mel. Despite what my folks say.”

Mel ignored that statement. He didn’t want to dwell on the time she had invited him around for dinner and he was so nervous he’d downed a bottle of bourbon before hand then ended up throwing up over the dinner table.

“Well, I wanted to know, if you’d like to come with me on a trip away somewhere?”

Alice looked down at her drink and blushed. “Well, Maybe, where exactly?”

“A friend of mine’s parents have a beach house and he said I could borrow it. We could go down there next weekend, if you’d Like to?”

“O.K I’d like that. I’ll tell my folks I’m going to Janey’s, she’ll cover for me. I did for her, when she stayed over with Steve Morton when his parents were away.”

“O.K. I’ll pick you up on Friday afternoon.”

Mel worked part-time in his father’s garage and they had a few old cars they were doing up. There was an old Mercedes that was road worthy and he’d decided to use that to impress Alice.

His mate, Dave turned up with the keys for his parent’s beach house. For some reason he kept laughing and sniggering, but when Mel asked him why, he didn’t say a thing.

“Look, Mel, you just have a nice time. I’ve told you how to get to the beach house, it takes no longer than two hours at the most. Now don’t be concerned if at first the people on the site seem a little strange, you’ll get to know them, they’re a great bunch.”

Mel didn’t give this much thought at the time. Later, however, all the laughing made sense.

He pulled up down the road from Alice’s house and she came walking down the street wearing a lovely summer dress and carrying a small bag. She jumped in the car and he drove away.

As they arrived at the site where all the beach houses were, it was starting to get dark. Several people were arriving for the weekend at their own summer retreats, they all seemed to stare at them as they drove past. Mel felt a bit uncomfortable.

They pulled up at the Beach House and as they opened the door, a smell of salty sea and stale body odour hit them. Not a nice greeting. The place seemed nice enough, if a bit run down, but free accommodation wasn’t to be sniffed at. Certainly, with that smell in the air.

It was later as they decided to take a walk along the beach they realised what they had come to.

Mel and Alice walked hand in hand along the soft sand, the sea had retreated so that the calming sound of the waves were distant. Louder was the sound of people enjoying themselves and the roaring of a bonfire. It was a warm night so they were wearing their swimming gear and Alice wore a sarong tied around her waist.

As they approached the party they suddenly felt both overdressed and a sense of exposure at the same time. Everyone else was completely naked. They were staying at a nudist camp.

No wonder Dave had sniggered. He had played a joke on them. 

Alice looked at Mel, his face as bewildered as hers was, and she began laughing. He began laughing too.

Embarrassment and humour bind people together better than rope. Mel and Alice have been happily married now for twenty years, but they still like to tell this story to people now and then, just to have a laugh at themselves.

The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 03/July/2018

This story was written in response to the Word of the Day: Exposure

And The Haunted Wordsmith’s Three things challenge

Today’s things are: Alice, Mel, diner



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