A New Partnership – A story with some familiar faces.

A while ago I wrote my own Agatha Christie themed Murder Mystery, See here:


I wanted to revisit a few of the Characters in that story, but about twenty years later, so I wrote this story here:


This is a continuation of it.

A New Partnership

Audrey Patterson was sitting in her favourite easy chair re-reading her favourite book by Agatha Christie, ‘A Murder is Announced’. She was just getting to a really good bit, when the doorbell rang. Tutting to herself, she tried to get back into the book. 

Times had improved for Audrey in the last twenty years. She still lived in the same house in Chelsea, a rambling Victorian town house, but twenty years ago finances couldn’t stretch as far as having any servants. Now she had a marvellous cook in the form of Mrs Buscombe and a maid in the less efficient form of Elsie. Her husband had wanted them to have a Butler too, but she detested Butlers. She always felt they looked down their noses at her in a rather snobbish superior way. Also, in reading a lot of classic crime fiction, the Butler was always a suspicious character. Although in Mrs Christie’s works she refrained from that particular cliché. Anyway, it was Elsie’s job to answer to doorbell, leaving Audrey to enjoy her book.

The doorbell rang out again. 

Audrey gave up trying to read her book and rose up from her chair. Even in her mature years she struck a graceful figure. Her tall body draped in simple by elegant clothes, her hair arranged neatly on her head and her face lightly made up. Her jewellery was plain, just pearl stud earrings, a two rope pearl necklace and a silver brooch in the shape of a cat. Audrey strode through the hall to the front door and opened it to find out who was ringing so early in the morning. 

It was Inspector Thorpe. Audrey reprimanded herself in her head. No, not Inspector Thorpe anymore, that was twenty years ago. It was Ex-commissioner Thorpe now. They had met again after so many years at a Party at the American Embassy the previous week and she had Invited him to call. It had been more out of politeness really.

She extended her hand to him “Oh Sir Alfred, how kind of you to call. Please come in.”

“Lady Audrey, I hope you do not mind this early visit, but I have something on my mind that I would like to ask you.”

They walked into the hall and through into the morning room. 

“Please sit down, Sir Alfred. Have you had breakfast? Would you like a cup of coffee?”

Audrey, who had not yet had her breakfast was a little put out at such an early call, it was before 9 o’clock in the morning, but she was gracious none the less. She reached out and pulled the bell cord to alert Elsie that she wanted her.

“I was surprise Lady Audrey that you opened your door yourself. I admire your independence, but don’t you have a Butler?”

“No, I never wanted a Butler, I do have a maid but for some reason she is more tardy than usual this morning.” 

Having not had a response to the bell pull, Audrey tugged again. 

After a while the door opened and in bustled Mrs Buscombe, rather short of breath.

“Excuse me Madam, You rang?”

“But Mrs Buscombe, where’s Elsie? I have rung for her twice and she didn’t answer the front door.”

“I don’t know Mam, I have had to sort out the breakfast all by myself, she wasn’t in her room this morning and I’ve not seen hide nor hair of her. That’s why breakfast has been late, Madam.”

At that moment their came a terrible scream from outside in the park.

“What on earth was that” Audrey explained.

Audrey, Sir Alfred and Mrs Buscombe all rushed to the large bay window which overlooked the park opposite. They could see people gathering around a body lying in the bushes. 

They had found Poor Elsie. 

The End…..For now…..

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  1. Oh, do tell! It’s a great hook. I’ll have to go back and read the earlier parts. Have you read Emily Brightwell’s The Inspector & Mrs Jeffries series? I see #37’s out now — the only one I haven’t read yet. I like the “family” feeling.

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