One Day with a Star- That Sad Day – a short story.

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‘One day with a star’ Challenge

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The rules are:

  1. Describe a very famous person (preferably historical, or well known – to everyone!). Include the details in your story so people can guess who is that STAR, but do not mention the real name.
  2. You can add 1 photo-detail (non obligatory).
  3. The style and the genre of the writing – any.  
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  6. The followers should guess in the comments who is ‘your star’.


So here is my Story.

It was 1983 and I had just got back from work when I heard it on the Radio. She had died. She was only 32. I was Blindsided.

I hadn’t seen her since we were kids growing up in New Haven, Connecticut. 

She moved away with her brother and parents in 1963 but we kept in touch. We’d only just begun to become friends, we never dated, nothing amorous, heck she was only thirteen when she moved to California, but we were close. 

Later on, I followed her career closely. She had always been musical at school, her brother was a piano genius, but she much preferred the Drums. 

I kept a scrapbook of what she was up to and occasionally we’d exchange letters, nice and hospitable like. I used to chase after the Postman and he’d tease me with the letter until I said ‘Please’. When I used to see her handwriting on the envelope, I’d feel on top of the world. 

Initially, I hadn’t taken much interest in her music until the first time they played one of her songs on the radio. Her voice came out of that machine and it sounded like she was just in front of me. It had an air of nostalgia about it. It transported me back to the past. It was yesterday once more. 

They played another of her songs just then on that rainy day in February, I think it was a Monday, but I can’t be sure. 

I pictured her in my head, that long dark brown hair and that sweet, sweet smile. 

I had lost a friend and the world had lost one of the best Singers that had ever lived. 

The End.


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13 thoughts on “One Day with a Star- That Sad Day – a short story.”

  1. Were her initials KC, was her brother the other half of the duet, and was she once “On top of the world looking down on creation and the only explanation she could find was the love that she’d found ever since you’d been around has got her sittin’ at the top of the world”?

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    1. That she had. It was incredible. I heard a version of her singing ‘Don’t Cry for me Argentina’ the other day. It was the best version of that song EVER. It was such a shame she didn’t live long enough to sing a wider range of music. She could have made anything sound special.

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