Pride goes before a Fall – A short story.


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Pride Goes Before a Fall

I had met a guy at my local bar. The special one, just for our kind of people. If you catch my drift. 

He was young, lean and handsome and when he sat next to me at the bar and asked my name, I nearly fell off the stool. 

“Hi, I’m Mike” I said, “What’s your name?”

“It’s Leroy. I’m new in town, my folks have just moved here from Connecticut. I heard that this is the only place for us in this town. You must get bored with seeing the same people all the time.” 

“It’s not so bad. We’re a friendly bunch” and I gave him my best smile. “Can I buy you a drink?”

“I’ll have a Pina Colada thanks Mike.” 

We got talking and I remembered thinking, he was incredibly shallow but he was the best thing to look at that I’d seen in a while. He talked about his parents who were really liberal and were happy that their Eighteen year old son was part of ‘the scene’. They regarded it as some kind of badge of honour. His Mom boasted about it, so he said. It made me thing of my folks. My father was a preacher and while he still asserted that he loved me, his only son, he loved the sinner but hated the sin. He regarded it as his duty to be nice and pleasant to me whenever we met but he did not want to know any of the details of my ‘Choice of lifestyle.’ He wouldn’t listen when I told him that it was not a choice at all. It was just how I was. When I turned twenty I moved out. 

My folks still lived on their farm to the South of town, but I had an apartment right in the centre of it. Just around the corner from the special bar. I’d been living there and working at the local Library for the past two years. The fact that Leroy’s upbringing and mine were so different probably accounted for why we found each other fascinating at first. Although, he had no interest in history or culture. He didn’t like art or music much and the thing that really seemed to puzzle me was he had no love of nature. 

I had always loved nature, My parents would take me on trips to the national parks and I loved every one of them. Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Death valley and our nearest one, Yosemite, I’d been to them all, and loved them all. 

I wanted to help broaden Leroy’s mind a bit, so I decided to take him to one of my favourite places in the area. It was a canyon, nothing as grand as the one in Arizona, but it had a river running through it and I still thought it was one of the most beautiful places ever. 

It was a secluded spot that not many people went to and it was a beautiful afternoon. The sun beamed down from a cloudless sky but there was a breeze that kept the temperatures from soaring too high and becoming too hot. We decided to take our shirts off and sunbathe on one of the rocks. I lay there in my shorts and admired Leroy’s perfect, slim body as he got up and stood on the edge of the canyon. The sunshine reflected off his tight muscles highlighting his lissom frame.

“Isn’t it an incredible view?” I asked him, glad to have made a breakthrough into his rather closed mind.

“Yeah, It’s nice I suppose, but it’s really just a load of rocks and sky” He replied in an offhand manner.

Flippantly I responded “Yeah and the Grand Canyon is just a big hole in the ground, I suppose?” I felt hurt that he just couldn’t appreciate this beautiful spot I had taken him to. “Look, Leroy, You’re a handsome guy, but you really are one of the most shallow men I have ever met. How are you gonna get on in life if you don’t broaden your outlook?”

He turned to me, standing on the canyon edge and smiled insolently. “Hey, it’s only homely guys like you who need to broaden their minds. When you look this good, who needs a broad mind?” He didn’t say it like a joke, he said he like he meant every word. Such arrogance and pride.

Just then the breeze suddenly turned into a blast of wind that caught Leroy full in the body. Standing on that canyon edge, he lost his balance and toppled over, crying out. It wasn’t as high as the Grand Canyon, but it was high enough.

For some reason my fathers voice came into my head “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs verse 16 chapter 18”.

The End

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