50 Word Thursday #9 – Rope and Lace

Debbie Whittam has set a challenge to write a poem or story in 50 words, or multiples of 50 up to a maximum of 250 words, inspired by a picture and include some particular lines. Here is the picture:


Here are the words:

“He was the stuff schoolgirl dreams were made of.  Unfortunately, she was no longer a schoolgirl.”

Stephanie Laurens Regency Revels

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Here is my story:

Rope and Lace

She turned the corner and walked up the old familiar Drive. The sound of the rough gravel and the smell of the dust her feet churned up took her right back to her childhood. The melange of memories, both bitter and sweet came flooding back. It was here she had become a woman, but it was also here that she had learned how it felt to feel totally helpless. He was the stuff Schoolgirl dreams were made of. Unfortunately, she was no longer a schoolgirl. It was frightening how quickly that dream had become a nightmare. She had done the only thing possible back then and ran away from it all.

She received the letter begging her to come home. Her Mother was now ill and her Step-father had walked out on her after ten years. She could have told her he would do that, but she wouldn’t have believed her. Not then. Maybe now she could bare her soul.

She walked into the house and Margarita hugged her with tears in her eyes.

“It’s good to see you home Miss Angela, why you look the same, you haven’t aged a day since you left.”

“Thank you, Margarita. How is Mother?”

As she walked into that bedroom with its lace curtains and the iron framed bed she recalled the torment and the feel of the rough rope around her wrist. Then she saw her Mother looking so deathly pale and knew she couldn’t say anything about the past. No solace.


The End

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 12/July/2018



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