3.2.1 Quote Me! Challenge – Chic

I would like to thank 3CStyle for nominating me for this challenge. Please check out her blog below. Stylish and classy are definitely words that spring to mind when reading this blog.

3.2.1 Quote Me! Challenge – Chic

This challenge was created and initiated by the creative and initiative-inducing https://aguycalledbloke.blog/

Rules: 3.2.1 Quote Me!

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Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day

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Note: Although this is the topic for today there is no specific deadline to it, meaning you can answer as and when.

Today’s Topic: CHIC

Well the topic of the day is Chic.

I am not so sure that I can wax lyrical about this topic with quite the obvious experience of 3CStyle.


This is me at my most dapper.


I see Chic as slightly different to style, just as I see Style as different from Fashion.

Fashion is temporary whereas Style is permanent.

Something can be cutting edge fashion, but look very out of date, very quickly.

Image result for fashion in the 70's free image

Where as Style is pretty constant and usually more subtle.

Chic on the other hand, I believe, is Style with an element of fun.

I think it has to have an element of ‘tongue in chic’ about it. (Major apologies for this Pun, i couldn’t resist).

Image result for Audrey Hepburn free image

Could there be a better icon to help explain this than Audrey Hepburn? I think not.

Image result for Chic Quotes

Image result for Chic Quotes


Oh and something to play us Out:


My Nominations:

The problem I find is that I have no idea if people want to take part, or have recently already been nominated, I wish to spread some fun, so If you are reading this and you wish to have a go and take up the baton, I pass it to YOU.

Have a nice day everyone.



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  1. Awesome, simply awesome. You summed it up perfectly. Love the quotes and the song as well. By the way you do look dashing in your tuxedo. Many thanks for your kind words.

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