Pictures of New Zealand – 2006


Tree Ferns in the Forest.DSC03169DSC03178DSC03211DSC03229

Meeting a friend. DSC03320DSC03339DSC03353DSC03367DSC03379DSC03391DSC03395

This is the closest we got to Middle Earth. This is near to the site of Hobbiton. DSC03400DSC03466

Wellington HarbourDSC03470DSC03479

The Beehive – New Zealand’s Parliament building.DSC03495

This photograph was taken in the Botanical Gardens in Wellington and there was something magical about the way the light and the colours worked. I’ve got this picture on my wall at home.

I hope you liked these photos from my Trip to the North Island of New Zealand. That was back in 2006, it’s about time I went back and saw the South Island now. 😉


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