321 Quote Challenge – A Smorgasbord

I have been nominated for this challenge by Laurie at Meditations in Motion.

Check out her inspiring blog and read her post below:


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321 Quote Me

Rules: 3.2.1 Quote Me!

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Post 2 quotes for the dedicated Topic of the Day.

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Note: Although this is the topic for today there is no specific deadline to it, meaning you can answer as and when.


Topic For Today: ”Wise Old Sayings”


  • So Firstly, Thank you very much Laurie for nominating me for this fun challenge.


  • Secondly I would like to add that Wise Sayings are a bit like a Smorgasbord. There is so much great and inspiring stuff out there, but it what you choose to take from it that counts. Image result for smorgasbord

You can quote me on that.

Other quotes:

  • One head cannot hold all wisdom.      – Unknown


  • Plan your life like you will live forever, and live your life like you will die the next day.      – Unknown.

Image result for a fool will learn nothing from a wise man but a wise man will learn much from a fool

I would like to nominate anyone who would like to have a go at this. If you have an old saying, perhaps one that your Granny used to say, please either post about it or share it in the comments below.

Have a nice Day. 🙂 


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16 thoughts on “321 Quote Challenge – A Smorgasbord”

  1. Plan your life like you will live forever, and live your life like you will die the next day.      – Unknown.
    This quote was told by 2 people.
    1/ it’s a renowned quote among muslims, as it was said for the first time by Ali, one of the Prophet’s companions
    2/ either Washington or Lincoln said it too

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  2. Good job Kristian. Your last quote is actually one of my favourite. I like this one too from Winston Churchill – Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

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  3. I enjoy reading those wise words of long ago, too. Like the wise man learning from a fool — very true! I actually have a book full of them. My all time favourite, one I use whenever I’m feeling snowed under with stuff to do: “Better to light one candle than curse the darkness.”
    Churchill was quoted a lot, a specially inspiring one being “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”
    Here’s another terse, smiley quote: “The longer you keep your temper the more it will improve.” 🙂

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