Mission: Contact – A short sci-fi story.


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Mission: Contact

As my plane flew over my home city, it was covered in an eerie fog which made flying tricky. 

I hadn’t long got my pilot’s license and although I did do a few flights in bad weather, I wasn’t that experienced. 

The city looked beautiful from up here. The building all lit up and the fog providing an extra sense of mystery and interest that made the scene quite enchanting.

Just then, my instruments started going haywire. I was making a straight course for the airfield but my instruments were all over the place, saying I was upside down, veering too far left, heading the wrong way. I tried to signal to ground control to inform them of my difficulties, but the line was dead. 

I took a deep breath and kept my hands steady and my eyes straight ahead. 

My lights went out and the screen went black. 

I had a few moment where it felt I just drifted in silence. A total void. 

Then my controls returned to normal, the lights came back on and I could once again see out of the window. 

I don’t know where I was, but It wasn’t home, that’s for sure.

Below me was a desert of white sand, above me a bright sunlit sky, that was closer to mauve than blue. 

My intercom clicked and a voice spoke in a nasally drone.

“Welcome to Spaceport Nine Captain Marshall. Please stay on your current course and we will guide you in.”

“Who are you? and where the hell am I? This isn’t New London.”

The voice chuckled, the laughter held no warmth.

“No indeed you are no longer on Earth at all. All will be made clear on landing. Keep on your current course Captain.”

After ten minutes of further flying I saw the desert give way to a green oasis and then in the middle of this oasis was a huge transparent dome, made up of hexagons. One of those hexagons opened, it would have been large enough to fly one of those double-decker plans into, so I had no problem with my little glider. 

The buildings inside the dome were not like any I had seen before, at least not in real life. They looked similar to ones I had seen on Sci-Fi movies that I’d loved as a kid. 

“Keep steady Captain. You should see a tall white spire straight ahead. Start your descent now. 2000 feet. 1000 feet. 500 feet. Can you see the runway now?”

I could see a long white strip marked on either side with a line of flashing blue lights.

The fuel gauge came on telling me that I only had one chance at landing. 

I touched down on the runway and taxied to a stop. 

I saw a small vehicle coming towards me from the Spire.

I opened the cockpit and descended to the ground. The temperature was a great deal hotter than I was used to. Well over 100 Fahrenheit. I noticed that the sun was red rather than yellow, which had given the sky it’s purple tinge. 

The vehicle came to a stop and two figures got out of it. They wore white uniforms and masks that covered them from head to toe, but it was obvious they were not human. They were at least 7 foot tall but so thin, no wider in the middle than his thigh. 

“Welcome Captain Marshall. This is Space port Nine in the Alpha Centauri system. I am Air Chancellor Maxxar and this is Flight Commander Sorqha.”

“What is this? Why have you brought me here?”

“Why? To make Contact of course” Commander Sorqha replied, the voice was softer, still with that nasally tone. I suspected Sorqha was female. 

“If you will follow us, we will make everything clear to you. Everything.”

I didn’t like the sound of that, but I had no choice but to follow. One giant leap into the unknown. 


The End.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 20/July/2018

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