Multiple Word Prompt Story – Does your Mother Know?

This story was inspired by the following word prompts:

ABBA, dancing, queen


Does your Mother Know?

“I think you don’t like him” Suzie said to her Mother.

“Well, it isn’t him so much I’m anti, it’s more his association with…” Moira didn’t finish what she had been about to say.

“What do you mean?” Suzie looked up at her Mother and tears started to well up in her soft brown eyes.

Suzie thought back to when she’d first met him. It was at Salsa classes, she’d only gone because her best friend Melanie loved Salsa dancing and didn’t want to go alone. As they arrived she’d seen him. He was tall with black hair and had a gorgeous smile. He looked up at them both when they arrived but his eyes passed over Melanie and lingered on Suzie a while longer. That had been months ago and she had never missed a dance session since.

Phillipe had asked her out and taken her to several other places and had always treated her like a queen. She had met his parents and he had met hers. For some reason his parents did not like her and hers did not like him. They were diametrically opposed. Her parents were Democrats but his were staunch Republicans. They were Cubans who have been forced to leave behind their wealth and property when Castro had taken over. She didn’t care about politics, she didn’t think it mattered in the great scheme of things.

Moira looked at her daughter, she knew her well enough that anything she said will not change her heart or mind, but she had to give her advice anyway. “Look, love, Phillipe is just not right for you. You are too different. It won’t work out. It would end in tragedy.”

“You’re wrong, he is perfect” Suzie shouted as she ran upstairs.

That night as she pretended to be asleep, she heard the sound of Phillipe’s car outside. He tooted his horn, ‘Beeep-beep’. Hoping that her parents were still sound asleep, she pulled off the bedclothes, revealing she was already dressed, jumped off the bed and grabbed the small suitcase filled with a few essentials. Within moments she was out the door and sitting next to Phillipe in his car.

The car radio was on and ironically it was playing the ABBA song ‘Does your Mother Know?’.

Phillipe turned and gave her that brilliant white smile of his. “Are you sure you want to do this Suzie? It’s going to upset both our parents when they find out.”

“Yes, I’m sure. They won’t be able to object afterwards. Let’s go.”

Phillipe started the car and they drove off to get married.


It was many years later, with three children, a black eye and two broken ribs and as the divorce lawyer was talking to her, she remembered her Mothers words. On reflection, they were wise words indeed.

The End

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