Some more of my Happy Songs.

Yesterday I posted about my happy playlist that I use if ever I’m feeling a bit low, to help break that mood and make me happy. Music is really a fantastic healer and I really think we do not use it as much as we should in therapy.

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Here are a few more tunes that are on my happy list, all of these are by the same group.  The Turtles.

She’d rather be with me – has a catchy tune and upbeat rhythm along with positive lyrics, even though I can’t relate to the lyrics much, I still find it a good tune to improve my mood.


Another tune by the Turtles – Elenore, starts quite slow with a repetitive beat that seems to tap into a more melancholy feeling then moves on into a really upbeat chorus.


And finally a tune that, judging by its title alone, you’d expect would be in a ‘Happy’ Playlist, its called ‘Happy Together’. It is actually in a minor key, quite atypical of a happy tune, but again because of its wonderful harmonies and the positive chorus is firmly in my mood changing list.


Well those are some more golden oldies from my Happy List.



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    1. You mean the era where you could actually detect a melody? And it was easy to understand the lyrics? Songs with a beat that it is possible to dance to?
      Golden oldies…or I like to call it “Dad’s music” are the best.

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