50 Word Thursday #11 – The Lonely Spot

Debbie Whittam has set a challenge to write a poem or story in 50 words, or multiples of 50 up to a maximum of 250 words, inspired by a picture and include some particular lines.


Here is the picture:


Here are the words:

Knock Down by Dick Francis

Here is my story:

The Lonely Spot

It was a lovely, lonely spot. We used to camp out here as kids. No one came here, we always had the place to ourselves. The perfect place for skinny dipping in the summer.

It was autumn now and the water gave off a mist into the cool early morning air.

I dragged the body off the back of the truck, still wrapped in black plastic. I paused trying to take in what I had done. If I’d stopped to think I might not have done it, but fury is a great disregarder of caution. I remember her leaning against the mantel piece with that cigarette gripped between those bright red lips, an amused look in her painted eyes. She was wearing a fuchsia pink satin dressing gown but it did not conceal much.

I had just caught her in bed with my best friend. He had gathered his things and scarpered, pretty sharpish. I asked her how long it had been going on for. She laughed at me and I completely lost it, picking up the empty liquor bottle and smashing it over her angelic head.

I remembered this spot, perfect for disposing of a body. I struggled, dropping it beside the lake. A hand broke out from the plastic, with long red-painted fingernails. As I pushed it into the water the mist cleared. I looked up astonished to see a boat moored across the lake, someone on deck. They shone a torch. I knew it was all over.

The End


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