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This story is written for the Flash Fiction for aspiring writers challenge.


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It was a long car journey and I was going crazy. I was sitting in the back with my American Cousin Lindi; This was my first trip to the states. I was nine and lindi was ten. My Uncle Joe was my Mum’s older brother and he’d lived in upstate New York since he was Seventeen so he’d lost any trace of his Englishness. My Mum and I had flown into New York City and seen a bit of the city. Then Uncle Joe came to pick us up and take us to his place in Buffalo. It was an arrangement that worked well as we couldn’t really afford to stay in the hotel any longer. It would be nice to meet my Grandpa and Grandma too.

“Fancy a game of Noughts and Crosses?” I asked drawing out the grid.

Lindi burst out laughing. “That’s a stupid name. We call it Tic Tac Toe.”

“Ok, Tic Tac Toe then” I said trying to placate her. It was going to be a LONG journey.

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8 thoughts on “A long car journey – Flash Fiction Challenge”

  1. Yikes that’s a long drive! I live about 1.5 – 2 hours east of Buffalo and it’s a good seven hour drive for me to NYC. If you ever come to the US and are flying into NYC, Newark is a much nicer airport than JFK or La Guardia. 😊

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    1. I did a google search and asked, how long to drive from NYC to Buffalo and it said 7 hours, maybe that’s with a lead foot 😉 Thanks for the tip for airport. My other half really wants to go to NYC, I have a crowd phobia so am a little apprehensive about the idea, but the idea is growing on me. 🙂

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    2. It’ll say that – but getting out of NYC is your first obstacle! You can bank on it being a 9 hour journey because you’ll need to stop at least once and there are always a shit ton of roadworks 🙄
      There’s so much to see outside of NYC though. NY has more waterfalls than any other state and Niagara isn’t even the tallest! Also if shopping is a thought, the outlet malls outside of NYC are significantly cheaper and lower sales tax than the city!

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