A Multiple Word Prompt Story – Her Little Precious One.

This story was inspired by the following word prompts.


FOWC with Fandango — Unknown




Today’s things are: mirror, submarine, octopus

Her Little Precious One

As she played with her little boy in his bath, she sang a song that her grandmother sang to her as a little girl. The origin of the song was unknown. She had tried to find out where it came from but couldn’t find it at all on the internet. Maybe her grandmother had invented it herself.

Her chubby little bubba was splashing around in the water, playing with his little submarine and the toy octopus, smiling and giggling away.

“My little precious one, so special and so small, one day when I am gone, you’ll be the handsomest one of all.” She changed it from prettiest one, that’s what her grandmother had sung to her.

Her baby boy was precious. She had tried so many times to have a baby. She’d had three miscarriages and one still birth. Then when she was forty-four and the doctors were worried that she’d be too old to carry full term, she had finally given birth to her little miracle. She had paid for artificial insemination and donated sperm. Who needed a man anyway? Her husband had left her for a younger woman who then proceeded to give birth to twins, just to rub it in. Well he was happy now with his new family. She didn’t need him anymore. She had her precious little baby and he was perfect.

She picked him up out of the bath and dried him off gently with a towel. His blue eyes found her face and he smiled up at her. She kissed his little tummy and made noises against it, making him giggle and laugh.

Carrying him over to the cot and laying him carefully on his back, she sang her little lullaby again.

“My little precious one, so special and so small, one day when I am gone, you’ll be the handsomest one of all.”

He yawned and closed his eyes and fell asleep as she looked down at his angelic little face.

It had turned out the doctors had been right. She couldn’t carry a baby at all but later, when she’d trained as a nurse and got a job in the maternity ward she’d found the perfect opportunity.

As she left the room, she caught her face in the Mirror. Her dark brown hair had more than a few grey hairs around her temples. The brown eyes looked at her and they reminded her so much of her Grandmothers. “Shhhh” she said in a whisper, at her own reflection “no one need ever know.”

The End.

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 29/July/2018

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