Sunday Morning Happy Music.

The last few days I have been sharing a few of the songs I have on my Ipod’s Happy playlist.

I firmly believe that music is a wonderful therapy for the mind and the soul.

For me, If I a feeling a little bit sad or low, I often find that music can be just what I need to shift that mood and put me back on a more positive path.

Of course, the loving support of friends and family is also a wonderful thing at those times.

Here is a Song that always helps put me in a good mood. It is a positive song with an upbeat rhythm and it is also has one of the best female voices ever.

I also think of it as a semi-religious song, so quite suitable for a Sunday.

Carpenters: Top of the World.


What ever you are doing today, I hope you feel on top of the world and have a great Sunday.


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