Multiple Word Prompt Story – A Healthy, Energetic Walk.

This story was inspired by the following Word Prompts:

FOWC with Fandango — Gullible

Today’s things are: blister, frown, opera

A healthy, energetic walk. 

“There’s no need to frown so much, this fresh air won’t kill you, you know” Patsy said to her out of breath husband.

“Well that’s easy for you to say, you don’t have a blister on your foot” replied Kevin, rather acerbically.

Patsy had no sympathy for him. It was his fault she booked this mountain walking holiday in the first place. It was in a spirit of renewal. She wanted to recapture their lost youth and vigour.

She’d asked him whether he still found her attractive. She’d had on a skimpy negligee and had sashayed over to him as he sat on the bed in his Y fronts.

“You have a figure an opera singer would die for” He’d responded. That had rather dented her mood somewhat.

Ever since she had been on a strict diet and had ordered one of those special exercise machines off the telly that say they guarantee you’ll drop a dress size in three weeks.
When it had arrived Kevin had sneered at her.

“You’re always so gullible Pats, you know these things don’t work.”

Despite being on the diet for a month and using the new exercise thing for two weeks, she didn’t feel thinner. The only things she’d lost was her temper, several times, at everything from passing salesmen to her husband. She’d even shouted at her sister down the phone. Well, Kathy was only two years younger and had always been as thin as a stick. Plus her and her husband were always jetting off on holidays or cruises. It was her sister offering her friendly weight-loss tips that had made her blow her fuse. She’d told her exactly what she could do with her celery and wished a monsoon would ruin their next cruise to the Bahamas.

As she went over it all in her head, she sat down on a rocky outcrop over looking a mountain lake and started to cry.

Kevin sat down beside her, put his arm around her and held her close.

“Ah, Love, there’s no need to cry. My foot doesn’t hurt that much” He said trying to console her.

“It’s not that you silly fool, It’s that I’ve been starving myself on this stupid diet and doing all this exercise and I still don’t feel any slimmer” She said crying into his track suit top.

“Look, love, I love you, whatever you look like. That’s to say, you always look lovely to me. I love you just the way you are.”

Sometimes his tactlessness was just the thing to make her laugh. Even when he was trying to make her feel better he managed to put his foot in his big mouth. Her cries turned to laughter and she smiled up at him. His brow was all sweaty from climbing up the hill and he looked ridiculous in that track-suit.

“There, Love, that’s better. Why don’t we just go and find the nearest pub and have a nice meal? What do you say?” Kevin said, looking at her with those puppy dog brown eyes that she’d fallen in love with all those years ago.

“OK, you’re on” She said, her stomach rumbling at the thought of fish and chips or Pie and mash, all the wonderful offerings available in your typical rural pub.

As they started down the hill, they both seemed to have a spring in their step. The thought of the pub had made them feel a lot more energetic for some reason.

The End

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