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Well the clues are now slowly being revealed, take part in A Guy Called Bloke’s exciting mystery challenge. Can you guess who did it?

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The Murder – Snifty Clue Post 05/08/18


Scene 1:

When they’d all arrived earlier in the evening, Joseph had wondered about the strange gathering of people. It was like a collection of cast-offs from an adaptation of Murder on the Orient express. The hotel owner had greeting him on the steps of the Villa and said he was the last but one to arrive. She was a strange one. Ms Geraldine Cooper, who presumably had arranged the Murder weekend looked so dull and grey that it didn’t seem possible that such a fun idea could have ever occurred to her.

When he was escorted into the drawing room he had felt even more out of place. He recognised the rather short man standing by the mantelpiece. It was Charles Maxwell-Murdoch, a newspaper baron of particularly unpleasant disposition who seemed too often pictured in his own papers…

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