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The Plot Thickens – Snifty Clue Post 14/08/18


Scene 5:

Inspector Kruseau cast his eye around the room, it suddenly occurred to him that the assembled gathering was not quite typical of a Torquay hotel. A media mogul, his wife and valet, an aristocratic elderly lady with a bad temper, a sultry temptress straight out of a Raymond Chandler novel, a young man who seemed to belong to a different time and place to the others and finally the hotel owner who, by her very demeanour should be running a prison not a guest house.

“What brought each of you to this place then? the Inspector asked.

Patricia Maxwell-Murdock spoke first. She had a soft, unassuming way of speaking.

“My husband received a letter from a business acquaintance asking him to join him here. I studied Nursing in this part of the world, before…

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