3 Day Lyric Quiz – Born Free, Now I’m expensive ;-)

Victoria Stuart of Family Matters nominated me for this challenge a while ago and I totally Missed it!

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A three-day lyrical challenge

The Rules:

1 Thank the person who nominated you. – Thank you Again Victoria and please accept my apologies.
2 Share one of your favourite song/lyrics one at a time for three days.
3 Nominate three other bloggers each day. (or one, one is probably enough)


Matt Monro – Born Free Lyrics – Music by John Barry, lyrics by Don Black

Born Free
Performed by Matt Monro
Born free, as free as the wind blows
As free as the grass grows
Born free to follow your heart
Live free, and beauty surrounds you
The world still astounds you
Each time you look at a star*Stay free, where no walls divide you
You’re free as a roaring tide
So there’s no need to hide

Born free, and life is worth living
But only worth living
Cause you’re born free

Here’s a bit more about the song:

Born Free and now I charge.

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